30 tips for traveling to Venice important (P6)


We arrived at the last chapter of the preparations for the trip to Venice, which ... We are ready to go!Well almost, we have before one last "piece" to finish the puzzle. After a research phase we have compiled all those Tips for traveling to Venice important that you may not know (we few knew about them) and that we hope they will help you prepare your trip.

This article serves as a review so that nothing escapes you, you have everything under control and nothing catches you unexpectedly. (Some photos of this article are from Pixabay, since we have not yet been to Venice, although it has been updated with some of our own on our return).

ALL ORGANIZED VENICE PREPARATIONS:everything you need to know to be able to organize your own trip to Venice, divided into 6 articles that will help you prepare the trip as best as possible so that you only arrive and ... enjoy!

"1. 101 things to do in Venice (beyond the guides) (P1)",our own list of what things to see, do, visit and so on in Venice, so you have a choice (and contributions from other readers / travelers).
"2. Map of Venice with plans of the neighborhoods in detail (P2)", where we locate all the places, experiences and gastronomy of Venice so you can print them and allow you to better organize your trip.
"3. The 11 best excursions in Venice (and more reserved) (P3)", an article where we will tell you what are the most reserved excursions for Venice travelers and the ones that have the best acceptance (and some extra).
"4. Entrances to the Basilica of San Marcos and Ducal Palace WITHOUT COLAS! (P4)", the essentials of this trip and that, unfortunately, so much tail have ... We tell you all the tricks to avoid them and optimize the time in addition to other necessary ticket reservations in Venice in advance.
"5. Routes through Venice, design your itinerary (P5)"With all the above it is time to organize what you are going to do on your trip.
"6. 30 tips for traveling to Venice important (P6)", some details that you may have missed and we help you remember.


This compilation of tips for traveling to Venice you should knowIt is the last article in the series of preparations that we have designed and prepared with all the love in the world to help you prepare your trip to Venice while we did it too.

30 Tips for traveling to Venice important to know

Useful tips for traveling to Venice before your trip

1 Make your own final check-list for your trip to Venice: prepare all the necessary documentation, book travel insurancechoose the best accommodation that suits your needs, plan your itinerary and routes around Venice, excursions, tickets… have everything? Don't forget anything!

2 Download the Venice map with neighborhood plans in detail (P2) to be able to design your routes on them and have them on hand. This will make it easier for you to move around the city. Remember also that in the hotel there will be plans of the city, so you can have your route drawn on the one hand and, on the other, the "clean" map of the city.

3 In Venice you will not use the subway, as is usual in large cities, there people move in ... Vaporetto!, a system of water buses which are the main means of public transport and which, in reality, should not surprise us given the original location of Venice. We recommend that, before traveling to Venice, download and print the Vaporetto map to take it with you and facilitate your travel. We, as you know from the rest of the preparations, took the7 day transport card It worked out better and included the routes to Murano and Burano.

4 We are in the European Union ... YOU NEED YOUR ID only to travel! It is not necessary to carry the Passport. However, if you have it, take it. In case of loss of ID you will serve as identification and you will not be overwhelmed by this issue.

5 In Venice the official currency is the Euro so you will not have to make any currency exchange. The payment with card will not be a problem, on the contrary since almost everything is paid with it but it is not enough to carry some cash just in case.

6 Remember! already ROAMING does not exist in the European Union so you will not have any problem when using your phone in Venice. You will also have your internet data rate at no extra charge.

7 One piece of advice that we always put into practice is to carry a photocopy of your ID in the suitcase and a picture of it on both sides of the phone. You never know what can happen and being cautious costs nothing.


Be very careful if you go to Venice in hot weather or more or less hot. You should know that mosquitoes are terrible there if you are prone to be bitten, so take a good repellent so they don't spoil your trip. know the Venetian carnival? The "less good" part is that it is high season with what that implies (prices, tourists, queues ...) but is it worth it? We believe so, in fact we travel on these dates and we will soon tell you our experience in the travel diaries. In 2019 the Carnival coincides with February 16 to March 5.There is Carnevale Venezia, the official website of this celebration, where you can check all the information related to this popular party so you don't miss any details.

9 Do you already know what time will it do during the dates of your trip? We consult them on to know the weather, what clothes to put in the suitcase and, a thing that we find very useful, the hours of light that we will be able to enjoy (when it dawns and when it gets dark)

10 In Venice the Italian as official language but also the veneto, the own dialect there, which would be translated as Venetian. In Italy they are called "dialects" but, in reality, they are languages, what happens is that they are not given the value they should. If you speak Spanish you will have no problem understanding and making yourself understood, both languages ​​are very similar and, in any case, with a little English in the tourist area you can get out of the way. If you have some respect for this issue, there is a device that we already tested on the trip to Slovenia called that makes simultaneous translation whether or not it has WIFI.

11 Are you going to book oneVenice City Pass Find out about it to know if you are interested or not depending on what you are looking for or want for your trip. In general, we can tell you that lasts 7 days From its first use, it works as a way of saving, you will avoid queues and include the main attractions in Venice. There are other types of cards that you can also assess as they are the Museum pass which gives you access to a lot of museums or the Venice Rolling Card (if you are between 6 and 29 years old) that will allow you discounts on transportation and main tickets.

12 Will you be in Venice for the Best Mask Contest? If you are not this year, do not worry, you can go next year! One of the most marked and prominent dates of the Venetian Carnival where you will see what is considered "the most typical" of these dates: Venetian masks.


The typical purchases in Venice are: Carnival Masks and Costumes, to get a good and authentic Venetian mask it is best to buy it in the craft workshops since they have better quality, the Murano Glass, on the island itself there is more variety and quality although not necessarily better price and the Lace of Burano, the authentic being very expensive it is better to acquire it on the island itself.13 The best viewpoints to see Venice are the San Giorno bell tower from where you will see the Plaza de San Marcos, the Doge's Palace, the Canal de la Giudeca (almost whole), Giudecca and the Salutte and the terrace of the shopping center Il Fondaco dei Tedeschi (with reservation), so you can already include them in your plans before traveling.

14 Usually in Italy they are used Two types of plugs: F and L. Type F plugs are also used in Spain, so in principle you should not have a problem. In the case of L-type plugs, you will need an adapter. We leave you here a web page about the adapters of Spain in Italy, so you can read all the information on the subject. The voltage is the same, so that's why you don't have to worry.

15 Have you already booked your tickets for St. Mark's Basilica and Palazzo Ducale? They are two of the most famous and famous city attractions and we have written "Entrances to the Basilica of San Marcos and Ducal Palace NO COLAS!"in which we help you book your tickets to save your queues. Don't miss it!

16 The city you plan to visit is Heritage of humanity by unesco and receives around 25 million visitors year. Therefore, it has some rules quite clear to preserve its canals, its streets, in short, its well-being so that all its inhabitants, residents or visitors, live together at ease. You can read here the most recent rules in Venice. So above you should know that you can not bathe in the canals, eat in the streets (or get dirty with garbage), or lie on the sidewalks.

17 wears Comfortable shoes... you will need it! Venice is not a very big city but it is comfortable to walk around and it is the best way to get to know it. Except the Excursion to Murano and Burano, or others to the nearby islands, the rest of the visits will be made in the city itself and you will walk a lot.

18 Learn some words basic in Italian to be able to say thank you, say hello ... in your native language. It is a detail that in the world of hospitality will greatly appreciate and like the Venetians.

19 Don't forget to check what they are the 11 best excursions in Venice (and more reserved) to assess if you are interested in including any in your trip and optimize the time you have. There are all kinds and for all tastes: mystery, craft workshops, visits to nearby islands ...

Useful tips for traveling to Venice during your experience

20 If you want tour the Grand Canal cheaply you can take the Vaporetto and take a small excursion through it, you can see among others Ca'Pesaro, Ca'de Oro, the Rialto Bridge, Ca 'Rezzonico or Santa María della Salute and save them on your "walk"

21 If you want to take advantage of travel to other places from Venice, Some of the cities and countries that you can consider by proximity are Slovenia, Prague, Munich, Olomouc, Switzerland, Rome, ...


If you go to Venice by car there is a large parking lot next to the Mestre train station, from there you can travel by bus to Piazzale Roma or if you prefer San Guiliano there are three car parks: Porta Gialla, Porta Rossa and Porta Blu and then take the train. Another alternative, leave the car at the Marco Polo airport22 For art lovers, we have bad news: The vitruvian man, One of Leonardo da Vinci's most famous works, is not permanently exhibited. It is located in the Gallery of the Academy of Venice and very few exhibitions are held, at fairs or anniversaries, sometimes even in the museum itself.

23 Not much is known night life In Venice, we have read that when it gets dark people retire soon. We still want to check it out for ourselves and we will tell you what we thought about the nightlife of Venice.

24 Even if you have everything planned and well organized ... Improvising is also valid! Improvisation has to be part of any trip, after all, you are traveling, you have left the routine: Do what you want. Getting lost in Venice is very easy but don't worry that every time it happens you will discover something new that with a plane you could not lol.

25 To enter the Basilica of San Marcos you will not be able to do it with backpack, remember, you will have to leave it first in the wardrobe behind. At the entrance they will tell you where, do not worry. This is part of one of the tricks to skip the queue as we tell you inSt. Mark's Basilica tickets WITHOUT TAILS!

26 The ice creams are very cheap, Will we have to take advantage of it? In addition, being a typical product of Italian cuisine ... hehehe we are going to put on our boots! Craft, of course.


In Venice there are 3 price levels: the cheapest is to go to pizza sites like Pizzeria L'Angelo or Pizza al Volo (do not forget that it is not allowed to eat on the street), on the medium level the trattorias would be rather separated of the busiest and most expensive tourist routes, where you usually pay for the situation, the atmosphere, the decoration or the music of the place.27 The business hours It is a bit different in Venice than we are used to in Spain: the stores open from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and, in the afternoon, from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. or 8:00 p.m. It will be important to keep it in mind. For restaurants, the Meal schedule is from 12:00 and that of the dinner from 7:30 p.m., more similar to the European style than the one we have here. Anyway, the more tourist sites assume that they will have a little more flexibility and leave more room.

Tips for traveling to Venice after your arrival

28 Download all the photos! They will not be lost for some horrible reason, so keep them in the cloud or on your hard drive for safekeeping.

29 Have you been wanting to see more? Write as soon as possible that list of sites you have left to visit and that you will not miss the next opportunity you have to visit the city.

30 What are you missing? Have you reviewed your check-list and have everything more than prepared? Let's move on!

By the way, if you want more advice about Venice, don't miss the article of our colleagues in Jump with me They are experts in everything related to Italy.

The most important tip for traveling to Venice: enjoy!

Let's see if after so much advice we were going to forget the most important ... enjoy! Once there, let yourself go and worry just for doing one thing: have fun. What will be the use but the preparations? This is the most important advice for traveling to Venice of the entire article. So you know, if you've already chosen the things to do in Venice, downloaded your maps in detail and valued the excursions in Venice ... it's time to fly! You just need to plant yourself in Venice and start touring and enjoying its streets.

And now it is time to tell you our own experience in some travel diaries that we will prepare with all the Venetian spirit that we bring. Have our tips for traveling to Venice helped you? And the rest of the preparations step by step? We hope so!

Paula, Isaac and Oli, ready to travel to Venice (Italy)