Antarctic Offers


It gives me the feeling that a life I have left, and it's only 23 days. Traveling alone is an experience that I had never had, and that has made me 100%. I have known crowd of amazing people, I have made many friends, and I take very special people (they know it ...). This day always comes, it is a day full of goodbyes.

I didn't wake up today, I woke up quite late, at 9 in the morning. I have almost barely had breakfast and checked out.

Josep and Manel were waiting for me. We have giving a Last walk through Ushuaia, on a new sunny day, and accompanying Manel to his last purchases.

An important thing, which I wanted to comment, for those travelers who in addition to money (a trip like this is inevitably expensive, snif) have time. When I embarked on the Molchanov I had seen LASTIME offers (last minute) in several local agencies, but I hadn't paid much attention. Today I have done it. It is something I had already seen in the LonelyPlanet forum in English. Those who can afford to be in Ushuaia for 10 or 15 days waiting for these types of offers, go true! Today I saw two, one of the classic for 2,600 EUROS to change and another of !! 19 days! for another 2,600 / 2,700 EUROS to change, the second of them, in an expedition ship. There is ...

From there we have headed to the International Airport of Ushuaia, where I have used to plasticize the suitcase (10 EUROS) that of the 16 kilos of the DAY 1 travel, today comes already for the !!! 22 kilos !! (What will I have gotten into?), Have a coffee and a sandwich (30 ARS) and pay the corresponding Fees (25 ARS)

If yesterday I said goodbye to Angela, here I have touched the farewell to Manel, which goes to the local airport of Buenos Aires. Partner, it has been a pleasure to share with you these days in Molchanov and the Antarctic adventure. Take care a lot.

Joan, Josep and I, continue towards Ezeiza Airport, in a journey of 3 hours and 20 minutes. FLEX effect Evident…

We arrive around 18'00 and pick up Josep's luggage. Joan and I have billed it directly to Madrid.

Josep He is a person who does not usually show much feelings. As he says, he carries them inside. For me one of the most difficult because Josep, in the 15 or 16 days we have shared, has represented A very special person in my experience. I could not explain in words what I took. Today I think I've seen it for the first time excited at our farewell (and I also). Josep, there are plenty of words to describe the most experience of the trip I've had with you. You and I know it. You have been for me one of the greatest discoveries of the trip. Never change, I know you will not. Also remember that you have promised to play at my wedding, hehehe. And remember, we'll see each other sooner rather than later ...

I am currently writing in the airport boarding area, hooked to a WIFI from here. I took the opportunity to update the stories a bit. It seems that everything is going well and we will get out of time ... Joan while reading. He is a great reader, read several books at once

In a while I will make the last 10,000 km of travel. They are a total of more than 32,000 km those that I will end up doing, including the more than 1,200 km of Uruguay and the 3,691 km of Molchanov in the Antarctic adventure. There are many km already and my face is not the same as when I left ... and my spirits either. If there are no problems, tomorrow by this time I will be eating a good potato omelette and a serving of ham Together with the people I love.

A big hug to everyone, family, readers, friends and company ... Today, especially my dear Josep, Angela and Manel. Thanks for everything!!

Isaac, from the airport of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 10 EUROS and 55 ARS (approx 9.82 EUROS)