From Madrid to the sky


More than 17 years have passed !! since We cross the puddle for our first foray into Mayan lands. We were younger and possibly more virgin, but at this time of the morning our reflections go the other way is it possible that people change so much in the way of thinking, in order to face the adventures?

What was then naivety, now becomes something more routine, not less illusion. Our taxi (EUR 11.50) from 5:30 in the morning (with the faithful Tom saying goodbye and Isaac's mother with one eye open and another closed), the first look at the flight panel or the baggage dismissal until the final destination by the boarding tape. What is different, and this It makes us especially excited, they are our travel companions… !! Silvi and Javi !! They enter through the only A Coruña Airport Terminal on time. !!We're all here!!


Air Europe has returned to Alvedro airport just a couple of months ago (and we needed some competition) and, after the usual mini-breakfast (EUR 4.20 per couple) of these hours, It leaves promptly with a stopover in Madrid at 6'50 in the morning arriving at T3.

From Madrid…

Madrid, 9 in the morning. !! How expensive it has gotten down to the city !! 5 EUR per person the subway? !! What a tease !! Anyway, since we have to return to T1, we will take it for granted.

How different it looks Madrid one day in August in the morning. Just a dozen tourists walking through its streets, businesses like La Mallorquina closed for vacations, and peace, lots of peace. Now it is a good time to have breakfast in the Plaza Mayor with churros, natural juices and everything we want (EUR 11.65 per couple)

What are we missing color? ! Already! There is no way to retouch these photos, haha. We are going to that. The end of July has been really tiring of work and it will take us a few days to find the OFF button and remove that "stress" from the head.

Stroll through the streets of Madrid, the Plaza Mayor, the Puerta del Sol, Precious, contemplate its "little artists", ... is something we love all four and that once a year is usually a must see


Here we find stores that we will never see in A Coruña, and it is commented (only commented) that someone is looking for a good hat to take to the Mexican Caribbean, eh Javi? ... although today it seems that it will not be our lucky day


So between walks and shops we fly away in the morning including, of course, some pinchito from Madrid (EUR 1.50 per couple) before leave the capital back to those places where we spend so many hours called "airports" (subway, another 10 EUR per couple)

As the bags are already going directly to the Cancun International Airport, we have passed the control of handbags and passports, bought some magazines and some supplies (EUR 8.10 per couple) and we are already in front of the boarding gate.


What seems incredible in these times is that we still have to take a bus to bring us closer to the plane with all the fingers that Barajas has, although it always gives him the nostalgic touch of yesteryear.

It is also curious to see how we are people. The flight is full of newly married couples who have chosen Riviera Maya for their honeymoon, although not all with the same attitude. In front of us we can see the fierceness of what looks like a newly married "short courtship" (haha) confronted with the first arguments and bad faces on the other side of the vehicle. Ours, colorless and tired, are more like the first ones ... don't they?


Our plane looks like it will be an 330-300 airbus, quite new, but taken advantage of until the last millimeter, without personal TVs or games, and without even the option of removing the air that hits you in the head. More shabby we cannot be the Spanish companies. This is how it goes. It seems like a long flight!

… to heaven?

And in heaven, a "little hole" to see it. This curious phrase celebrated, which we all already use, seems to have its origin in Madrid in the 18th century of Carlos III and it is said that its author was Luis Quiñones de Benavente. Whoever it is today is literal for us and just past 15'15 we took off through the skies of Madrid Crossing the puddle once more (for Javi the first one! !! today it deflects! Will we have to celebrate it?)


More of 9 hours and 15 minutes of flight (Although initially they said it was 10h and a half), that some take the opportunity to finish pending issues, others to eat and enjoy the "delicacies" of this type of flights, others to watch movies or read or, those who more, just sleep.

They are many hours but, with the illusion of being the beginning of a vacation, they always get along better. We begin our fight against the hands of the clock.


At this time of the year, in the middle of August, it gets dark in Cancun and in the Riviera Maya around 19'15, and it dawns about 6'30. Our flight lands even with some advance at 18'05 With what is still day.

The airport departure procedures, we do not know if by chance, we have been fleeting:

- We left the plane and quickly passed the passport control, seal included
- As we have just arrived two flights at this time, not many people get together on the tapes of luggage collection, and ours leave the first
- He customs control, for which we have filled out a paper on the plane, it consists of a button that randomly puts a red or green traffic light. If it turns red you have to open the suitcase and let it be registered. If on the contrary it is green, we pass directly. Green, green, green and green. !! Until Paula !! (usual in all controls and for having) has managed to move on to the first.
- Money exchange taking advantage that we are almost the first to leave 100 EUR (the change is very bad, to 14.50 MXN per EUR) and we leave the rest for Playa del Carmen.

And from heaven ... !! to luxury!

If there is "someone" who will never miss this moment, this will be ... no! It's not the bus! damp heat stroke as soon as you exit through the door of the terminal. This "smack" of reality comes to tell us that at peak hours in the morning ...! We will be very hot!

The bus, in this case, is not missing either. And it is that in our "vacation package" with Travelplan they have included the transfer, with which we forget transport that will stop a couple of times in several Riu before arriving at the Grand Palladium, after 30 km Playa del Carmen, where we we will stay after !! 1 hour and a half more !! from tortuous and tired journey... WITH REWARD

The surprise comes in the form of accommodation. And while the whole bus gets off at the Grand Palladium Riviera (which together with the White Sands, Colonial and Kantenah form the complex) they take us ... !! TO THE MAYAN SUITES OF KANTENAH !!! (FULL ARTICLE of accommodation HERE)


While it is true that we had asked by email to respect our reservations at Kantenah, if possible, villas 46 and 47 closest to the Lobby, while the rest had been made a "supposed upgrade", what we did not expect was to meet a room with a king size bed, designed especially for couples in an area for adults only, with private garden, right in front of the beach, hot tub, balcony and terrace with hammock and ...! Maldivian shower !! (here called Mayan shower) that reminds us a lot of the one found in our Paradise adventure through Maldives in 2011.


These days we will talk long and hard about the Grand Palladium Kantenah, but now we have headed straight to the 24h bar in front of the beach, very acclimated at this time with little musician Juan Luis Guerra, where we had dinner before falling.

Now we need to rest. What awaits us tomorrow is a true "city" housed in a mangrove that promises to be one of the best accommodations we have settled in all our trips. But that's already a story to tell under a bright sun ...

Isaac and Paula (and Javi and Silvia already sleeping), from Riviera Maya (Mexico)