Yoyogi Park, Yokohama and Okonomiyakis in Tokyo


Today is Sunday and we wake up in our Ryokan excited to discover a very particular area of ​​Japan. Our first stop will be Yoyogi Park, a must for anyone who wants to see the life of the Japanese up close, and that is a park where on Sunday mornings people usually go to show off their best clothes and of course speaking from Japan, we are referring to the “Lolitas” that arouse our curiosity, as well as people characterized by comic characters such as Naruto or the Rockabilly who are considered the kings of this park. But above all it is a large green area of ​​Tokyo where young and not so young are going to spend Sunday morning. To the train? !!Rush hour!!

To get here we have to take a train (280 YEN) at our well-known Shibuya station, which will take us to Harajuku Station and of course one of our essentials, new juice of street machines For our collection.


We start by visiting the famous Meiji Temple, built in 1920, destroyed during World War II and rebuilt again in the vicinity of the Yoyogi Park. It is free and open all day.


The road to him is very beautiful, surrounded by huge trees and accompanied by many birds.

As always before entering any temple we comply with the curious and original Japanese customs. He temple enclosure It is very wide with many people both visiting and walking through it, we can even witness a wedding to be held here, Of course it has nothing to do with any other wedding she has seen, the bride wears a spectacular Kimono that should weigh the poor woman about two hundred kilos without exaggeration, covered by a hooded cape and protected by an umbrella so she does not give the sun. The guests all go after following her in strict silence with Kimonos the women and black suit the men. The truth is something worth seeing for the big difference with Spanish weddings.


While we wait to meet the Japanese who arouse more curiosity in us, we enjoy the park visiting small gardens (1000 YEN)with its ponds full of fish


In these final days of a truly insurmountable adventure, we cannot avoid the tranquility of a place like this, meditate on future trips. We would not fool anyone if we said that we no longer think of new destinations ... And these have names and surnames, although I will be the one to decide the next one (!! it touches me !!). A transmongolian or transiberian, a "must have" in the life of any traveler, and from which our friends Maka and Eva recently returned from My Homeland Are My Shoes, could be an option. Or why not one of my dreams as a child, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico with a route through the countryAs a great starting point. Or that Indonesia of which Sele and Rebeca, of Sele's CornerThey detailed us with such passion last summer. Or the discarded Nauruor Canadaor Brazil

Returning to reality, we continue to discover old giant sake barrels and contemplating impressive shows of Japanese dances, it is amazing how full this park is on a Sunday morning.


As we have hardly had breakfast, hunger squeezes, so we also take the opportunity to take a snack in a lively area(600 YEN).


Here is a kind of contest with many people dressed in colorful kimonos, dancing to the sound of complex unintelligible Japanese music. They are hungry too, hehe


It would have been better to wait sitting hehe because in the end no trace of what had led us to visit Yoyogi, no matter we enjoyed it very much the same. Our next destination, Takeshita Dori


Here in Takeshita Street we will see it ... it is a shopping street in the Harajuku neighborhood, in Tokyo next to Yoyogi Park and it is characterized because in it we will find mostly independent clothing brands, specializing in certain unusual fashion trends, we are going to enjoyed, skirts as taken from another era ...


... precious rare shoes and bags in the shape of Alice's giant clock in Wonderland (which Isaac cannot resist giving me among other things -and memories for the family-, hehe, 12,021 YEN).


But apart from the clothes, another of the attractions of this street are its shops of geeky items that, no matter how hard we try, we don't know what they are, photo booths for all tastes that we also take the opportunity to do a bit of a fool (400 YEN) and that is reflected for posterity, "private" gift items and very cool underwear stores.

A street that leaves no one indifferent and that I would lose myself without hesitation.

It is time to eat and today, in our effort to try everything we can of Japanese food, we leave the most "geek" area to reach a large avenue called Omotesando Hills which has the most expensive brands in the city. It does not seem that it will be here the place we are looking for, although if we see the odd "curious" vehicle.


We began to stroll along the back roads of the main avenue until we reached a tavern that seems to be typical Japanese. !!And has Okonomiyakis !! a kind of famous tortillas in Osaka and Hiroshima Isaac already tried DAY 4 of the trip to Japan 2008 in Osaka. It is perfect to continue "tasting" the delights of the country (3,870 YEN). You can read in "Japanese dishes to eat in Japan"more ideas if you want.

The chosen restaurant is called Okonomiyaki Yai Yai And they serve all kinds of these pancakes / pizzas that can carry any type of ingredients to choose from and that they also do on an iron in front of you so you can see the whole process, although there are also private rooms.


!! Ours that carry everything a little please!

Noodles, egg, salad, shrimp, all kinds of oils and soybeans, cheese ... we don't know exactly what each one has, but we eat fancy !!


Now it is time to set course for Yokohama and on our way we find several curious shops and with Kiddy land a most famous toy store in Japan where you can find all kinds of toys. Being like children we do not resist entering to explore its various floors.


Another store that attracts our attention powerfully, The largest and most original condom store. !! These Japanese are very much !!! We find them of all styles, sizes and colors (even some glow in the dark), and how can it be otherwise we stop to see it well and bring us some "memory" ( 3,460 YEN)


A coffee (890 YEN) before taking the JR to Yokohama (1,080 YEN) leaves us another one of those images that can only be seen in this country. Do youBut how can one sleep with coffee and with the boyfriend in front reading a book? These people do not sleep at home?

Yokohama means something like "Wide Beach." It is the second largest city after Tokyo, founded in 1889 on a peninsula on the western side of the Bay of Japan, and today is part of its metropolitan area being located just thirty kilometers from the center of the capital. It is also a residential and industrial area of ​​Tokyo where the population moves every day to work although a large population lives from the Yokohama economy itself since in 1859 the port that was dedicated to the silk trade was created and later to the Import of raw materials and export of products made in factories in industrial areas.


All the information in the Japan travel guide of that adventure, including Kyoto, Osaka, Himeji, Kobe, Hiroshima, Miyajima and the Japanese Alps

After arriving at Ishikawacho Station, and after refreshment (300 YEN) and leaving the things that weigh in the lockers (300 YEN), our first stop will be Yokohama's famous Chinatown since this is where the largest Chinese community in the country exists.


We are surrounded by shops, stores and restaurants run by Chinese citizens and where many visitors from Tokyo and other places come to the weekend.


We take a short walk before heading back to the station and head to our next stop, The Landmark Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Japan with 295 meters high and 70 levels. It is located in the futuristic district Minato Mirai, district of the city of Yokohama and its symbol.

Isaac remembers his 2008 trip to Japan and he tells me that many things have changed here, as also happened yesterday. These screens are gone as soon as you leave the station, now replaced by several businesses. What is not missing are the escalators and walkways that take us to the immense building of the Landmark tower(2000 YEN)


The spectacular views from here, impossible to describe. You get dumbfounded contemplating the futuristic city par excellence like Yokohama, you feel so tiny at that height ...

The Landmark tower contains the second fastest elevator in the world, which travels at 750 meters per minute, reaching the observatory in just "one minute." Then we arrive at the 69th floor where the observatory with 360-degree views is, the Sky Garden, from where you can see any view of the city that is currently getting dark.


On clear days you can even see the Mount Fuji. We are lucky again as yesterday DAY 40 of the trip to the South Seas 2012 and there it is so that we can contemplate it. According to Isaac it is very difficult to see it, in fact the previous time he was in Japan he did not get it but on this occasion it is already the second time we can observe him. Hahaha, I like him better!


But without a doubt, it is at nightfall, with all the lights of this impressive futuristic city, when words fall short to describe a landscape taken from the purest Science Fiction movies.

Another essential visit is the Cosmo World, an amusement park where the ferris wheel is with the largest circumference in the world. At night with everything on is beautiful ...


The best way to end a day like today is to enjoy this amusement park. If we started the trip watching the ferris wheel of Santa Monica in Los Angeles of just 27 meters, and the Brisbane Wheel 60 meters, we come now to that of Yokohama with 112 meters, the largest and the symbol of the city and one of the typical photos here. Another thing to beat the record in the future, get on all the ferris wheels in the world, hehe. Isaac has a lot of advantage now. On this occasion we prefer to enjoy the roller coaster (1,400 YEN), an adrenaline rush to end the day, and see all the video game machines that attract our attention and the many attractions that make up this amusement park and that will make us pass A fun time.


We are tired, we will not deny it. So we headed back to Shibuya (900 YEN) and there, without hesitation, to the "tavern" that It has already become our favorite place to dine on the trip. We conclude like this another day in Japan, amazing and wonderful in our typical Japanese restaurant where we put on our boots, as always for a small fee (1,160 YEN) and returning to the Ryokan with our water (120 YEN) for the night. Tomorrow, in the most cultural Japan ...


Paula and Isaac, from Tokyo (Japan)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 13,900 YEN (approx. 147.87 EUR) and GIFTS: 15,881 EUR (approx. 168.05 EUR)