Reflections on Japan on a return flight from Tokyo


A couple of hours ago I made the stopover at the Paris Airport to return to the daily routine from tomorrow (yes yes, we work tomorrow, ahhggg). The return flight with Air France from Tokyo to Vigo via Paris, although it has not been too long for us, if it has been very "hard" mentally and has served to make many reflections on Japan already in the same airport. REMASTERIZED 2017

Japan is that country that, being culturally different from everyone else, gives the traveler a constant surprise and that's why I won't get tired of recommending it

Flight from Tokyo to Vigo via Paris with Air France and reflections on Japan

At 5 we are already standing. A taxi that we had ordered the day before at the reception of the Edoya Hotel (You can read our Edoya Hotel reviewand the Fukudaya Hotel review from when we returned years later) he took us and our bags to Tokyo Station (1920 Y). At 6:30 we left our Narita Express (booked 3 or 4 days ago with theJapan Rail Pass) heading to Narita airport just outside of Tokyo.

We take the opportunity to drink 2 juices (240 Y). Everything was very simple there and it is that the Japanese have very well organized the airport which at this point of travel no longer surprises us. It is a spacious, comfortable, clean terminal, with carpet and armchairs to rest ...

Our suitcases that had left with 16 and 19 kilos, now returned with 19.7 Kg and 25.4 Kg!! That of 19 did not put us in trouble but in Air France the weight limit is 20 Kg and the girl told us (yes, very kindly) that she could look up to 22 Kg. Putting a good face, we told her that "they compensated between the two, that if the souvenirs of Japan, that if this was beautiful ... "(Come on, the usual nonsense). The fact is that we should have been so sad that he laughed and put the label with 22 Kg and the winery. This is always according to your touch. From the airport we can also tell that the carts! ¡¡they climb escalators!! since they have them designed to be able to get caught in them. Maybe there are somewhere else but I had seen them. We took the opportunity to have a strong breakfast (2030 Y) and make numbers to know that we had 5,820 left over and of the € 500 we had changed the day of return of Hakone in Odawara so we took the opportunity to change them (they gave us € 35 back). And from there to Paris. Here are punctual to the planes!! 2 or 3 movies, nap, lunch and dinner ...

Paris Charles de Gaulle and again Air France to Vigo Airport still without time to assimilate everything we have been through these 17 days. What has happened to me is a curious thing: ¡¡I HEAR VOICES, MUSIC, MELODIES ... !! No kidding, I went out to the area of ​​tapes to collect the bags and kept hearing those little musicians from the stations, shops, traffic lights and even lanterns next to a Japanese female voice welcoming us ... Yes, I guess I slept little and I'm Something gone hehehe or maybe he doesn't want to accept that we're back in Spain because ... everything is so different.

Luckily, we have traveled enough (not everything we would like) to be able to talk about several different cultures. Without fear of being wrong I can say that the Japanese are light years away from many known cultures in kindness, education, trust... And the funny thing is that they want to know the latest European trends in clothing and music. I think we have a lot to learn from them in almost every aspect ...

Now, I will close my eyes and if only for one more night, I will enjoy that rested futon, those friendly voices and that music of arrival at the station. There will be time to order everything we bring ...

I do not know how long it will take to assimilate this incredible trip, surely enough (and I hope so), but what is promised is debt and little by little we have been updating the whole story of this trip and organizing all the information we bring.Oyasumi Nasai Arigato Japan. See you soon Japan (specifically until the trip to the South Seas of 2012)

Isaac, already from A Coruña

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