Asón Waterfall (or birth of the Asón River)


You who have known us for some time (well, almost everyone, there are many new faces every day in our networks), you know that nature trips are the ones we like the most. The unforgettable to East Africa, some islets of the South Seas or the most recent to Norway, without neglecting the most polar destinations in Antarctica and Arctic, highlighting these last three for their treks like the one that took us in Norway to their Mythical route of the Pulpit road, for example. That is why one of the things that attracted us most to Eastern Cantabria were its routes of hiking in Cantabria and among them especially that of the Asón waterfall or birth of the Asón river

Today in our article we move to the Soba Valley where we can find one of the most spectacular hiking trails in Cantabria in its Colón del Asón National Park.

Soba Valley, natural park of the Collados del Asón

Soba is a valley with its own slogan that says “Where the rainbow is born”That allows us to get an idea of ​​the treasures that it keeps inside but it is also the third largest municipality of Cantabria, located in a beautiful enclave in the south-eastern tip of Cantabria. In this wonderful location you will find the birth of the river Asón and Gándara, the first one having a natural waterfall called Cascada del Asón, which we will talk about later, and the second one goes through the entire valley until joining the Asón and getting lost in the sea.

The Soba Valley is a spectacle in itself, it is full of corners that are a luxury for the senses and for nature lovers, a must to visit once in a lifetime and at any time of the year due to its natural spaces suitable for the most demanding spirits. The most representative core is the Gándara and, of course, the Natural Park of the Collados del Asón. We are going to focus on the latter to be able to list the most famous hiking trails

But not only you can practice trekking but it is ideal for fishing, the pygmy, caving, etc ... Of course Cantabria has left us a very good taste and confirms what we say many times the Keys ... "No need to go far to explore unforgettable places

The Natural Park of the Collados del Asón is a protected natural area declared in 1999, as we know it is located in the Cantabrian Mountains, it has a great tourist value for its beautiful and bucolic landscapes, it could be said that the most beautiful of Cantabria, This is where the spectacular Asón waterfall that forms the birth of the Asón River is located and which is the end point of many of these hiking trails.

And what else are we going to find? Well, a flora that highlights the holm oak and beech or its fauna composed of roe deer, wild boar, fox or chamois and as for the birds that we can see during our route is the vulture or the golden eagle. The Park also has an outreach infrastructure, an interpretation center and a team of guides so that nothing is missing in the enjoyment of such a picture.

Hiking trails of Collados de Asón

We are going to mention some of them, giving some small strokes and always very grateful to all the information provided by the Tourist Office of Cantabria Oriental Rural.For each and every one of them there are recommendations and indications to keep in mind so that our chosen hiking route is developed in the best possible way. We hope that with this you get an idea and the bug will bite you and you will want to know this part of Cantabria that will not leave you indifferent.

  • Way of the Val del Asón: This route is of a river nature and runs along the high section of the Asón River until its birth. It is one of the entrances to the Natural Park of the Collados del Asón so here the tour will show us all the beauty of this Natural Park between riverside forests, holm oak and beech, it really seems to be taken out of a story. The golden brooch is set by the spectacular waterfall where the river is born, flowing in times of flood and weaker in the rest but whatever it is it is a real wonder to be able to contemplate it. It is the most famous and the one that people usually do even with children since it is a very simple route, its distance: ten km (one way), approximate time: four hours (one way)
  • Fresnedo Road: This itinerary runs through one of the most unknown areas of the Soba Valley, crosses two of the most charming villages, Fresnedo and Herada, which have managed to preserve the typical pattern of the sobano villages, with their own rural architecture and a landscape of splendid meadows. From many points you can enjoy beautiful views of the mountains that surround them.
  • Hondojón Glacier: The glaciers are one of the singularities of the Natural Park of the Collados del Asón. Developed on the one hand thanks to the proximity of the sea and the low mountains and on the other its relief. During the tour you can see the Bustalveinte Glacier Valley, the largest in the park and the Hondojón Glacier Valley.

These are three of the most common routes of the Natural Park of the Collados del Asón but there are many more, you just need to know which one suits you best.

In addition to the Tourist Office, you can use the Natura Park Interpretation Centerl where they even do guided tours. !!There is no excuse!! Options are not lacking for everyone

Asón Waterfall (birth of the Asón River)

And I could not miss talking about the "jewel in the crown", the Asón waterfall where the Asón river is born, also known in some places with the name of "Horse tail" and even as "waterfall of Cailagua"

After a beautiful and beautiful route, reaching this prize as a final gift is the wish that any hiking route would like to have. We talk about 680 meters of fall that ends with such a picture in an environment taken from a story.

A mist that surrounds the nature that surrounds the waterfall of Asón giving the end of the trekking of a mysterious halo ... a real wonder!

Don't forget that even if it's not a hot day, a canteen and sunscreen can save you from fainting. In addition to rest observing nature in its purest state, surrounded by streams that create forms of all kinds in its path, will allow you to breathe that pure air, peace and tranquility that we all miss.

Have we convinced you to visit Cantabria Oriental and do some of your trekking routes? We are not great walkers and we can assure you that a day of hiking towards the Asón Waterfall rejuvenates anyone. We love Cantabria!

Isaac and Paula, from the Cascada del Ason (Cantabria)