A "selfie" that will take you to the Himalayas


While these days we read that the majority of Spaniards (specifically 79%) considered being adventurous as "sexy", we thought ... will those of us who consider ourselves adventurous be really attractive? If we also tell you that the survey conducted by Nissan among a considerable sampling of adult Spaniards has led to the concept #XTrailAdventure, a contest in which by means of an "adventurous selfie" you can reach the Himalayas... what would you tell us? you dare? . This content is advertising, but if, like us, traveling is your passion, read on!

What does the concept of adventure encompass? Fun? Passion? Unique experiences? ... there we go!

What is "adventure" for Keys?

We admit it, we are fans of those eighties films with which we have grown. The spirit of the Goonies or Indiana Jones, whose cap is associated with our logo, created that curiosity for the most authentic, least explored places since childhood ... Do not miss the following EXCLUSIVE VIDEO from the Ymerbukta Glacier in Svalbard (Norwegian Arctic) we will talk about in a few days !! and from which we explain that it is for us to be adventurous.

Adventure is to reach those authentic places where everyone creates their own path ... And for you, what is "adventure"?

10 tips to be a good adventurer

Although they claim to have found the perfect formula for adventure, based on the concepts "Great company", "Present moment", "Passion", "Unique experience" and "Fun" as opposed to "The ordinary", it is the emotion in the lifestyle that allows you to escape from day to day, and that is why Nissan brings its new X-Trail aimed at those looking to make exploration even easier. Do you want to know the 10 tips that give us to be a good adventurer?

The conclusions are clear, "It is clear, from research, that leading a more adventurous lifestyle is not only fun, but can also be beneficial for our health and well-being, making us a happier person. ""

Of course we absolutely agree with this statement. You just have to see our humor when we are in a state of "adrenaline" and when we are at home everyday. Why not leave the "comfort zone" more regularly?

Yes, as you are reading. #Xtrailadventure is the original Social Media contest that Nissan proposes where to send a simple selfie of your adventure with the hashtag #XtrailAdventure You can win a sensational trip to the Himalayas.

Do you already have your picture uploaded to the networks? Then stay tuned, because you will receive your distinctive adventurer and you are already a possible winner of a week in the Himalayas, Nepal, along with three other winners of the contest in the United Kingdom, Germany and France, from the closest International Airport to your home to Kathmandu , to live a true adventure doing the most daring activities ... !! and be even sexier !!

If you need more information, do not hesitate to enter the website of competitionMade for the occasion. Just do not say goodbye, since the Deadline for submission of applications runs from September 8 to 30, 2014

Have you had any doubt? Do youAnd are you still thinking about it?! SEND YOUR SELFIE TO TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM and don't forget to put the hashtag #XtrailAdventure to participate !! Here goes ours from the Norwegian Arctic ...

Paula and Isaac, in "adventure" mode