Uepi, the best diving in the world


When we plan to come to New Georgia Island, to Marovo Lagoon, and its small but densely populated forest islets, the first thing we consider is to take out the PADI. As we did not have much time we did it in A Coruña, although Paula will only snorkel here (Loly, don't worry).

In Uepi, the first thing that happens when you open your eyes with almost no need to wake up, after 11 long hours of sleep, is hear the small waves beat next to the coconut trees that protect our "privileged home" these days. The next thing is to hear the birds sing, some less graceful to squawk and the sun begin to enter through our window.

!! It's time to have breakfast !! And for this we walk again along its sandy paths to the main house. There would hardly be any need for flip flops here.


On a small white board, the staff writes the options of the day. Dive at 9 and 14, immersion points, etc ... Isaac will do a DIVE in the morning and Paula will continue her "personalized recovery" with a good book and a well-deserved rest

He Dive is really amazing, reaching in a moment the 30 meters in a tip where we have seen a lot of mantras in the distance, some strange elongated fish that we have not managed to find out which they were and some strange and mysterious underwater caves.

Diving is something that we had not even considered for a long time, and we always try to know what is on the surface, but In the interior of the oceans we are waiting for really mysterious places and really strange fauna. The world has no end.

We spent the rest of the morning in Marovo Lagoon, sunbathing and enjoying their peace. We have seen the shark shark, the "baby shark" of the Maldives, come to greet us after so much time, almost touching our feet and we have taken the opportunity to a relaxing morning !! no cameras !!

In the afternoon, after bringing the food to the Bungalows and enjoying it quietly, Isaac has made another dive, and on the way back snorkeling with Paula. David, the friendly Australian who treats us as if he were a father, has brought his camera with underwater housing. We have the case, but the camera died along the way.

I can say that DIVE this afternoon has been the best of my life in the best possible place in the world.

We have started to descend to about 20 meters and from there until 30 again. In these depths are the most mysterious creatures on the planet, starting with the eNormes sharks that we have managed to see today. They are harmless, but being surrounded by 5 or 6 of them impresses


From there we have started a very smooth ascent up to 10 meters, where almost all the sensation would develop, around 50 minutes. In these depths is where more life can be observed, especially corals of all kinds surrounded by fish of hundreds of colors, that only women distinguish.


Diliva does not abandon us at any time. Diliva is our Salomonian dive master, with more than 1000 dives, and his kindness is absolute. Diving in Uepi in general is easy and a boat awaits us at the end of each dive. We continue to observe the best corals


In a moment, we turn our heads and see it. He has returned with us. It's the Tomasa turtle that on so many occasions I was before with us in the Maldives. It is without a doubt Paula's favorite animal, but we are not going to be able to take her, because they are animals that are stressed quickly (as one we know), so we will let her continue her course. !! See you later Tomasa !!


Uepi has a really magnificent reef and just 5 or 10 minutes by boat from Dive Jetty, not to mention wreck diving, which we will leave for another occasion. It really is not necessary, we can rarely find such a high concentration of fish, sponges and corals in the same place.


Another surprising thing is the huge cliffs or cliffs that are around Uepi.

The water temperature is around 28ºC, so even the 3mm lycra suit we bring from Spain would have been left over here for 40-50 minute dives.


Already almost touching the 5 meters, we see another really fantastic creature that gets defensive. It's a lion fish, and of course his name is well deserved


Without the need for a support boat, we go out on our own by the Dive Jetty of Uepi Island, there it is Paula prepared for a good feeling of Snorkell. Diliva encourages her and prepares the tube.

Snorkell in Uepi is almost as wonderful as diving. Hundreds of fish are concentrated in the last meter, and even turtles are sometimes seen. In addition the walk is very relaxing.

A new day ends in this privileged corner of the planet, in full South Seas, in Solomon Islands ...


We have sent an email from the main house to Christina to see if it is possible to leave for Fiji on the 29th as we thought yesterday, having an international flight. Tomorrow he will answer us.

By the way, dinner is the best time of day. At 18.30 the few guests of Uepi meet, almost entirely Australians (the other day we turned pages in the welcome book and there was no one of any other nationality, if not Spanish). At 19.00 dinner is served, which almost always consists of a rich soup, coconuts crabs in several modalities (the seafood crab here that we also tried in Vanuatu), fresh fish (the other day until sashimi) and some kind of meat Chicken or beef, all combined with tropical fruits and dessert of the day. In really few places we have eaten so well.

We say goodbye to a wonderful new day on a really crazy trip.

Isaac and Paula, from Marovo Lagoon (Solomon Islands)