Sandoval Lodge on Sandoval Lake


We will finish our travel through Peru 2010 in a wonderful place, the Sandoval Lake, in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.

He Sandoval Lake, To the east of the Andean Cordillera, it is a paradise of nature. It is located in the Tambopata National Reserve, a protected area where you can enjoy all kinds of flora and fauna, from giant otters, black caimans, macaws, river wolves, turtles or cranes ...

There are few Lodges in this reserve, which seems logical to respect a privileged place. All of them are included in a series of packages, being impossible to make the entry by free at the moment. In Lake Sandoval there is only one, the Sandoval Lodge, which is the one chosen by us. Getting there is a plane, barge, hike and canoe experience in almost 3 hours of travel.

Again, we have made the reservation with Inkadina Travel & Tours, the receptive local agency that has managed several services in Peru, but theInkanatura website It also facilitates this work.

The price of accommodation is unknown, but the 3D / 2N package round the $ 220-250 USD per night and room

The Location This rustic abergue is located in front of the Monkey Island, as we have seen, in the middle of Lake Sandoval, in the Peruvian Amazon.

Their rooms, of the 25 doubles it has, they have hot showers and a spacious dining room with a panoramic view of the lake. The lodge was built with ecological wood, the one that transports the river later, that is, trees have not been cut expressly to obtain the wood.

The cleaning It is expected in a place like this, full of all kinds of "fauna", although it has a mosquito net in bed.

Among its strengths, the food stands out, a delight according to the travelers, with the whole base based on the local ingredients, the bar and the comfortable hammocks, which give rise to an excellent nap between the cry of birds and animals of the place. Among the weak points, it could be said that there is no light available at all times, but that it is restricted (as it is logical)

We enter our "GUIDED VISIT" of the accommodation already back from the trip.

One of the experiences that we have enjoyed the most and has caused us the most impact of the entire trip to Peru has been, without a doubt, our passage through Lake Sandoval, in which your accommodation and the affection of its people has had a lot of repercussion

Getting to the complex is not easy. They pick us up at the Airport, they take us to a house located in the heart of Puerto Maldonado so that we leave our bags and take the essentials, they move us to the Port to embark on the Madre de Dios River up in which they offer us a tasty and original meal ...

... Now it touches an endless trail entering the Tambopata Reserve where it is located the Lodge, being the only one that has such a permit since its construction precedes the appointment of Reserve. There is another route across the Lake.

The rooms they all sleep under the same roof of the same large cabin. This makes everything heard, even the noises of the jungle night (something priceless). It is all wood and has the necessary minimum necessary.

The bed has a mosquito net to "stay one quiet" of possible "intruders" during the night, which is appreciated.

As for the bath, well ... well ... as we say this ... we find the odd "bichito" (or call it bichazo, because we killed 3 or 4 spoonfuls that fell from the ceiling during our stay).

This is important to know, because who comes to the jungle is exposed to all kinds of bugs and experiences, because although the cleaning It is scrupulous and the beds and the room are made every day, it is impossible to avoid certain "guests".

It is also important to know that the Lodge works with generators, which are turned on only at certain times to have hot water and electrical service. In-room safe is also available.

Another strong point is its breakfast, lunch and dinner, all of them with natural products from the jungle. From fruit, to meat, fish or species. We ate every day in luxury and in abundance. Every day there was a different natural fruit juice.

The kindness of all Inkanatura members and respect for the nature that surrounds us is total. You are assigned a monitor for 2 or 4 people (in our case we went only with Paulina who accompanied us at meals).

The Lodge also has a library, bar, guest book, free coffee and tea and water, games, videos for conferences and some other services. There is no Internet. There is hardly any mobile coverage.

The we would recommend? Without a doubt YES, one of the best experiences of the trip and very affordable. It is therefore recommended in CHAVETAS.ES.

Paula and Isaac, from Sandoval Lake (Peru)