Xcaret Park in Cancun Mexico


Once again we returned very early to Playa del Carmen, which was already the base of our excursions, although we always have to return to our hotel in Cancun to sleep. If yesterday it was time to enjoy the seabed and the marine diversity that existed in the Riviera Maya this time it was playing, the Xcaret Park, a park where the variety of flora and fauna invades us, which represents a great ecosystem.


In 2013 we returned to the Yucatan, this time to Riviera Maya, and we made a very complete and updated diary with all the necessary information to choose your vacations, hotels and / or excursions (among them another park like Xel-HA). Expand your information in the side menu or directly in

Only 5 kilometers from Playa del Carmen, Xcaret Park knew that it would not disappoint us.

The park Xcaret It is an ecological park founded in 1990 that enjoys a privileged natural environment. Inside there are still many archaeological remains and ruins of what was once a Mayan port calledPole whose meaning is “merchandise or“ dealing with merchants. ”Due to its excellent location, the Indians built their commercial center and its port here.

Xcaret Park has its ownCoral Reef Aquarium in which we can observe diversity of corals, as well as fish of all kinds. Even serving as a refuge for many species without neglecting their natural habitat.

In 1993, they gave shelter to their first 247 ofsea ​​turtles, which they released a year later. Since then, turtle camps have been created in the facilities, allowing the fight against the extinction of an animal in danger. I consider myself a special admirer of these fascinating creatures.

Following the path, we reach another part of the facilities, where we can see thetrue beauty of Xcaret Park. Jungle, natural pools, underground rivers, caves, crops. They are organized routes that teach us all the ins and outs that the park can offer.

In these routes we can also find all the fauna that make up the Xcaret Park, from tropical birds to spider monkeys, through crocodiles, tapirs and a long etc, The gardens, cenotes and natural pools allow the traveler to makeoriginal tours both swimming and boating in boats always guided by professional hands. Performing them is a mandatory task to enjoy all the splendor that Xcaret can offer us.

After walking all day through the inner part and the trails, we took a short break within a fewwooden and straw huts, where the ancient inhabitants of Xcaret Park lived there we could enjoy the typical gastronomy of Cancun.

In the afternoon we take the opportunity to go to the outermost part of the park, beautiful rocky coves welcome us that give access to the already mythical turquoise waters that invitebath, so we don't hesitate to take a good dip. It is funny to swim surrounded by small fish that pass trying to avoid us and almost rub our skin.

Finally, to end the visit, at nightfall a show gives the finishing touch to a spectacular day at Xcaret Park, a large regional show in an amphitheater that offered us a show of regional traditions and that took us for a while to the stage in which the Mayan culture inhabited these lands, with demonstrations of the game of the ball, music and sacrifices.

A new day ended in the Mexican paradise. Tomorrow, after two days full of experiences both in Cozumel as in the Xcaret Park It was time to rest in our hotel, so as not to end up very stressed from so much tourism. Doing the Maya a little, I say goodbye until tomorrow.

Isaac & Family, from Cancun (Mexico)