New Year's Eve in Salzburg


We had a good night even though we got to the top of the buffet dinner Sol Melia Tryp Alameda Airport 4 * where Iberia has hosted us, in the town of Barajas. Breakfast has been lighter to go buzzing to Terminal 4.

With some delay, although not important, we have finally taken off from Madrid destination to our destination, the capital of German Bavaria, Munich. It's been a while since our first key visit to Germany in 2007. At that time our destination had been the capital, Berlin, on a fleeting but intense journey.

Around 11:30 we set foot on our new adventure. Baggage paperwork, take the car from Europcar (a class A nine) and leave the F.J. Strauss Munich Airport They have been faster than expected. It is one of the things that surprises me most about these countries in central Europe, infinitely more organized than we are.

From Munich to Salzburg everything is excellently signposted, in addition to being highway / motorway. It is important to know that in Germany the highways / motorways (except for some specific exception) are free, but nevertheless, in Austria, there is a tax to pay called Vignette (which is a sticker similar to that of the ITV that is purchased at any gas station in Germany or on the Austrian border). Without it, fines can range between 400 and 600 euros. Taking advantage of the stop to buy the Vignette (7.90 EUROS) we have eaten something in a kind of self-service of the motorway (20.59 EUROS)

Munich and Salzburg are separated by 132 km, about 2 hours from the airport and stop to eat included.

As soon as you cross the imaginary line of the Austro-German border, the landscape changes. We begin to take shape among the mountains, snowed on their tops. Are the famous Austrian Alps of Upper Austria, which hide, in one of its multiple valleys, one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities we have ever visited, the city of Salzburg.

After parking (without much trouble) the car near our accommodation, the Centralhotel Gabrelbrau (COMPLETE ARTICLE ON ACCOMMODATION HERE), right next to the Mozart House and in the historic heart, we have approached the banks of the Salzach River.

Walking through Salzburg after coming from A Coruña is like get into a Christmas story. Of course, without detracting from the city that welcomes us (as Paula says, the most beautiful city in the world, although for me -Isaac- is San Sebastián, hehe ...). The nature of this story lies in how the city of Salzburg is covered by such a Christmas spirit away from the commercial, so rare to see in Spanish latitudes, that makes you feel soooo special.

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That Christmas spirit It is reflected both in its streets, fully adorned, and in the people we can get to feel that Christmas is truly living.

The bridge is especially beautiful Müllnerstegr, fully illuminated, because here, at this time of year, it gets dark at 5 in the afternoon. Paula, do you like Christmas?

The streets of the old city from Salzburg (declared UNESCO World Heritage) are the ones that fall in love. In fact, we can say that we are in love with the whole city, its shape, its alleys, the friendliness of the people, Kapitelplatz, Domplatz and its beautiful cathedral, the amount of shops dedicated exclusively to Christmas on the most original ornaments never seen (gifts € 23.60 and EUR 7.40)…

We find from shops from very private cafes (like Mozart Coffee) to dessert stands or buns in the middle of the street as shops dedicated exclusively to chocolate, all this among the bustle of people who are preparing for the entry of the new year ...

Walking we arrive at the main square, where we will later come to celebrate the end of the year. It is full of food stands and dancing people and outdoor concerts. The atmosphere is spectacular. It is at this time when, far from our loved ones, we want to propose a toast (more potatoes, 19 EUROS), in case you read us before the end of the year ... wish you all ...

... HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 !!

Even the moon seems to have agreed to receive the year with us, and it is beautiful, bigger and fuller than ever.

We pass by the hotel. It's time to dress for the occasion. It's cold, but it becomes very bearable. To celebrate the New Year's Eve people go out. It reminds us a lot of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, because they meet in Mozart Platz where of course you can not miss a giant clock.

Another curiosity is that here people don't make great dinners either at home or in restaurants. Here People peck while listening to concerts. !! WE LOVE !!... There we went, from a stand (9 EUROS) in a stand (7.5 EUROS) and in a stand (4 EUROS) testing the puppies, potatoes, squid and a good Austrian beer ...

... until the great moment arrived. Here the custom is to drink champagne but we couldn't help bring us our grapes from Spain (!! Thank you Loly !!), and that is that tradition is tradition, and since we were far from ours, it was our particular way of feeling as close as possible. Of course people looked at us wondering what it was that we ate in a hurry (And we had to eat the grapes three by three to give us time, haha) when there were seconds left for the start of a new year ... 15 ... 10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... now ...

!!! HAPPY YEAR 2010 !!!

Something we will never forget is the first dance of the year, our first waltz. And in the city of Mozart you could not start the year in any other way.

I don't think we can ever forget about this special New Year's Eve in Salzburg. Salzburg is great !!! People invading the streets, enjoying the champagne stands, the pecking, the music in the main square (with concerts!), The fireworks, the countdown ...

The night is left behind, and with it we. Family, readers and friends, we hope you had a great year. Do not worry about us, as always ... !!! WE ARE GREAT !!!

Paula and Isaac, from New Year's Eve in Salzburg (Austria)