12 essential places to see in Lofoten (and a magical one)


If there is a special place in northern Europe, of those idyllic virgin nature that we all imagine, that destination could be perfectly Lofoten Islands in Norway. This archipelago looks like something out of this world, a corner of the planet in which the accessible wild makes sense more than ever. After our trip to Lofoten Islands, which also included Vesteralen Islands, we bring you a list of12 essential places to see in Lofoten both in winter and summer that are those stops that convey that essence of the trip that we all look for in these adventures ...

Northern lights, snowshoes or dog sledding in the coldest time and whale, killer whale and sperm whale safari or kayaking through its calm waters where to see puffins and midnight sun in the summer, are its main claims.

12 essential places to see in Lofoten (and a magical one)

If you are in that phase of seeking inspiration for a trip or you already know that you will travel to the Lofoten Islands and want to know what are those visits that you can not miss on your trip, this article will be of great help. First of all we want to remember that this list is totally subjective and that, therefore, these are still the stops that I highlight most of my trip and open to the comments of the readers.

1 Road stop to see cliffs, mountains ...

  FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Route by car through the Lofoten Islands (between utopian places)

No matter when you travel to Lofoten Islands, in any season of the year you will find landscapes that will leave you breathless and speechless. Lofoten Islands are a virgin and pure natural paradise, a distinctive sign of the place and where much of the added value of a trip with these characteristics is found and if there is something that can not be missing in your trip are those makeshift stops where nature asked youto. There are sites so absolutely fascinating and abstract that mountains, sky and water intermingle showing paintings that would be true works of art. The rock formations, which fall directly into the sea, form a kind of barrier between the Scandinavian peninsula and the Norwegian Sea that seen from the sky looks like a huge great wall

2 Svolvaer

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Route by car through the Lofoten Islands (between utopian places)

Svolvaer is the nerve center of the archipelagobetween mountains and lush forests. It can be said that it is the heart of Lofoten Islands, where more life, bars, hotels and restaurants can be found. That is, civilization in a little "humanized" area.

Here we will also start one of the 18 roads called Norwegian Scenic Routes that run through the most beautiful landscapes of Norway and that at this point takes its maximum expression. Nearby is Mount Svolvaergeita (Svolvaer Goat), distinctive of the city and ideal for climbing enthusiasts.

3 Troll Fjord


Does it sound to you? Without doubt one of the essentials of this list that attracts the most attention. The so-called Trollfjord fjord, also known as "Troll Fjord", is a strait that is practically a challenge to the boats that are preparing to go through it. Its rocky walls are so narrow that not hitting or rubbing any of them becomes an experience in itself.

The cliffs of several tens of meters of height were formed at the time of the glaciations when ice excavated the valleys of the coast until being below the level of the marine platform. Subsequently, the sea occupied the valleys creating sites as unique as this.

4 Kabelvag

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Route by car through the Lofoten Islands (between utopian places)

You may also find her named as Vågan Church, beingVagan Your original name Neogothic style e opened in 1898, This church is also known as "Lofoten's Cathedral" because that's how Bishop Berggrav referred to it.

We are no longer surprised to see a wooden church because during our trip to the Norwegian Fjords we had seen wonders like Fantoft, the wooden church of Bergen, which moved us 800 years of history back in time but that of Kabelvag well deserves a stop and more when you know that history tells us that this place could be the first known town in Northern Norway with a fisherman's lodge in addition to the church itself

5 Henningsvaer

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Route by car through the Lofoten Islands (between utopian places)

This fishing village called Henningsvaer is located on the island of Heimøya. The town is accessed from this bridge that you see in the photo and, from the top of it, we can see extraordinary views. Low houses, roofs very prepared for snow and water and a lot of color make up the stamp of this place in which pure charm is breathed.

What stands out are the fish dryers, scattered throughout the town. Lofoten exports all over the world both herring and cod and gives its travelers a print between curious and very photogenic. As we said in the newspaper, we are facing one of the traditional villages of Norway that has the best preserved architecture in the whole country.HOW TO TRAVEL TO LOFOTEN ISLANDS? SPECIALIZED AGENCY

Our trip to Lofoten Islands was withPolar Lands since in addition to the route and logistics itself includes the activities of dog sledding (now in a raid on the Abisko National Park in Sweden), meet reindeer farm with the Sami, trekking and snowshoes and northern lights in winter and kayak through calm waters, whale, killer whale and sperm whale safari and midnight sun from August, for summer time, always in small groups

6 Nusfjord

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Route by car through the Lofoten Islands (between utopian places)

Nusfjord is another charming little town (all are) in whichwarm colored houses that live together next to one of the main ports of Lofoten Islands at the time, without fail those cod dryers that we have been seeing in the previous stops. Today Nusfjord is more a museum than a town, with less than a hundred people living there.

The rocks around Nusfjord are covered with trees although an important fishing company in Nusfjord in the Lofoten archipelago now wants to develop the port and clear the forest to build new buildings so its idyllic current situation is in danger. If you want to stay in a rorbuer, here you have many options

7 The wooden church of Flakstad

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You will see in this article that Norway's cultural tradition of creating churches and / or wooden cathedrals does not go unnoticed at the stops left by the scenic road E10. The church of Flakstad stands out, first, for its color. It is impressive the picture that is drawn with the background colors and the woods of a bright red color that bring a different and striking touch in the middle of Flakstadøya Island

Completed in 1780 and cruciform style, this church began to be built many years before this date. He first written record that exists of this church is 1430 but it is believed that his birth is still further back in time. Without a doubt, if there is a mandatory stop, this would be a great candidate.

8 Kvalvika, the hiking trail

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN In search of the beach of the whales (and its magical views)

Getting to Kvalvika requires a small hiking route highly recommended and not at all complicated. Shortly you have a minimum of physical form. tea It will be interesting, comfortable and very very entertaining. Very well signposted, the route gives you a few hours of being in contact with nature, where cars do not arrive.

We separate the route itself as an indispensable goal from the goal. Do you know what is usually said that the best of the path is the path and not the goal? Well, both would be fulfilled both here and, points out, the Bunes Beach route from Vindstad, the route from Å to Stokkavika, harder, the Horseid Beach route from Kjerkfjorden, the route from Munkebu to the top of Hermannsdalstinden, the route from Nusfjord along the coastal path to Nesland or the Glomtinden route…

9 The beach of the whales

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN In search of the beach of the whales (and its magical views)

The great attraction of Lofoten during the spring and summer season is thewhale watching, a safari in which you can also observe the rich marine fauna that surrounds these islands and can have contact with killer whales, sperm whales, sea birds such as charismatic puffins and sea eagles, ... However, those who want to know a little more about their The past have at this location, end of the previous hiking trail, a unique photograph of imposing almost vertical cliffs of black granite where you can still intuit the ruins of what was the refuge of the family of whale hunters that inhabited it in the wild since leaving it at the beginning of the 19th century

10 Kayak along the coast

VIDEO OF Kayak in Lofoten Islands

We always recommend doing something that goes beyond the trip itself, including experiences, activities, doing something that allows you to know otherwise what you visit ... and in this case it is very essential. Between What to see in Lofoten Islands on your visit you can not miss seeing the islands archipelago from the sea at water level with a kayak.

The kayak activity is a pleasant walk in the calm and protected waters of the fjords, so it is not necessary to have experience. For more information, read my first experience in Kayak in Greenland and you'll see what I mean. Obviously if the weather conditions are not good it is not done but, in general, Lofoten Islands has a microclimate so you can surely enjoy your own experience.

11 Reine

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Reine, the idyllic town of Lofoten par excellence

Reine is a town of Lofoten that gives off charm and beauty everywhere. For me, and this is a personal opinion, it is the most beautiful village in Norway (Although it must also be said that I have not seen it all but ...). Wherever you look you will see beautiful and colorful corners alive in homes and nestled in an environment that removes the "hiccups."

Its no more than 400 inhabitants welcome tourists throughout the year attracted by the beauty of the place and are increased by cruise tourism. But visiting the town in general will not be the only one that is on this list in relation to it. I have already told you that it is my favorite place and it is very possible that Oli, Paula and, perhaps Nico, will return one day.

12 Reinebringen

  FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Reine, the idyllic town of Lofoten par excellence

And if Reine is the most photogenic image of the entire archipelago, what do you think if we access the best panoramic at almost 500 meters high And when the sun starts to go down? I'm sure you've never seen a sunset like this. Everything here is different and everything is surrounded by a magical and charming air.

The colors are different, here the sunset is not in reddish and orange tones, but here it is painted very different shades of blues and whites, most likely influenced by that unique anomaly of which it presumesDue to the so-called Gulf Stream, a mass of warm water that is born in the tropics and reaches these shores of Norway, which gives it a temperature is about 5 degrees higher than expected. Did you know him

A magical site Domir in a rorbuer

I have left for the end an essential that should not be missing in your itinerary ... Sleep in a robuer !. A rorbuer or "rorbu" is what it is called typical fishermen's hut in Norway, but in this case they have become holiday accommodation. Well, now you have the opportunity to stay in this type of accommodation and feel part of the life of a fishing village, a totally recommended experience. In the diary ofReine, the idyllic town of Lofoten par excellence and you have more information than I liked the most

What do you think of this 12 essential places to see in Lofoten (and a magical one)? Here one who aims to return in summer as soon as Oli grows a little. Do you think I have forgotten some essential? Leave it in the comments and we will increase this list.

Isaac (with Sele), from the wonderful Lofoten Islands (Norway)