The Thief in Olso


Meticulous even in the last detail. Avant-garde, elegant, exclusive… There are hotels in Oslo and then there is the The Thief, which represents an experience in itself and that was our little whim to celebrate a new anniversary together. We leave you here our opinion of who is the winner of the Tripadvisor Travelers Choice 2014 and ranked number 1 in Oslo

Why an experience? It was already the day 8 of trip to the Arctic and Norwegian Fjords, and after a night in the train Oslo-Bergen, the capital received us in a flood. We still did not know everything that the place where we were staying would hold.

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Are we entering The Thief Hotel in Oslo? Let's go there…

The Thief in Tjuvholmen, 10 minutes from downtown

Oslo may not yet be able to compete with the famous Copenhagen or Stockholm in tourist charm and attractions, but our passage through the Norwegian capital has shown us how little we have to pay attention to the opinions of people who have been through it for some time. Today is a modern and friendly city and our story does justice to it.

But in this review, we go 10 minutes from the nerve center and 5 minutes from the Radhusbrygga pier where the ferries depart. We are in the transformed neighborhood of Tjuvholmen, in the surroundings of Aker Brygge, one of the districts more lively and favorite of the Norwegians, full of restaurants, bars, shops and museums, and center of life of many.

Between canals, fountains and buildings that overflow modernity stands the The thief, a different concept that we have been discovering little by little in the 2 nights we have stayed.

We do not understand how a human resources department can function, but we are convinced that in The Thief the personnel selection process has been thorough. He affection, family treatment, attention and the "eternal smile" of his staff has been admirable throughout the stay. Undoubtedly, a recharge of "positive energy" so necessary in these times.

From the moment you enter through its wide central hall and you receive the plasmas with slow-motion of African culture or the art of Andy Wharhol, you realize that you enter the universe of good taste, without falling into the arrogant


The decoration is amazing even in the elevators that, although we have stayed on a 7 floor, keep you speechless and expectant until you write here about them (I think we had never been given to talk about an elevator)

The corridors that lead to the rooms keep the minimalist style, well lit, but always looking for that little touch that makes them different, in this case the luminaries.

117 spacious rooms (6 junior suites)…

We have the feeling that we enter the room that we enter our astonishment would be the same. If we talked about the Thief concept, it is based more on the experience that, in a mere accommodation and that makes the flag its detail and attention, observing every corner of the room that will give us shelter these nights is a real surprise, starting for its soft and comfortable bed which we had no doubt but also has Hoie exclusive comforters ...

But what could we say when in the main furniture not only hides the traditional minibar, but a Nespresso with all kinds of capsules and all kinds of tools and accessories that could come to mind

Good and free Wi-Fi, sound system with hook for an iphone or ipod, hidden plugs, 42-inch TV with on-demand television, personalized service or point and table prepared for a laptop. If we need anything else, it wouldn't occur to me right now

He bath It is not far behind, starting with the bathrobes designed by Maggie Wonka, and continuing with its purely minimalist look that accompanies all rooms

Separate WC, shower tray with a large artichoke, soaps and gels customized for the brand ...

... designer taps and even scented candles, small hidden luminaires that give the room a relaxing atmosphere and good acclimatization even if it does not stop diluting.

Although we still had something to see that we had never imagined

… More 1, the exclusive Apparatjik World room

We would not know how to begin to describe this unique room in the world without saying that it is the extravagance taken to the extreme. We are facing the Creation of interior designer Karina Holme to the Apparatjik world where every detail of the furniture represents a true collector's item for the privileged to stay in it.

Blankets with pixels of drawings, furniture signed by the group, paintings, vases, clocks, frames and even books and vinyl consistent with the decoration.

But it is the "video art" (would it say so?) Of its main room that leaves us speechless.

A Projector meticulously oriented towards the bed sheets is responsible for reproducing on it, in conditions of sufficient darkness, a film that at times seems to be excessively realistic.

If it were not enough, a disco ball or a vinyl record player, provide this suite with the necessary elements to be considered the most exclusive that anyone can find in the world.

Have you already chosen your option? Remember that there are also 6 other Junior Suites with views of the Tjuvholmen canals and the Oslo Fjord

The Thief Hotel's Gastronomy: Foodbar, Fru K and breakfast buffet

The number 1 hotel in Oslo could not afford to neglect its most gastronomic aspect that included the best Nordic products and traditions.

And of course it does not. In addition to a small room where you can have a tea or read a book, a large room perfectly separated in well-defined areas, serves two different gastronomic concepts. First to Foodbar, of a more relaxed atmosphere.

Johan Laursen (former chef Maaemo, Oslo) is the chef in charge of coordinating and offering hot dishes, snacks or cold options combined with a large selection of wines.

We tried a delicious steak tartare, a spectacular strawberry mix and a chocolate and ice cream sponge cake dessert.

The second night, our anniversary, we tried the Fru-K in the most intimate part of the food court.

How to explain this concept? Fru-K tries to mix quality and excellent cuisine with the art, creativity and elegance of The Thief. And the fact is that transmitting that is not easy ... !! but they get it !!

Tasting menus of up to 7 dishes, they present you in their most minimalist concept, contrasts of flavors for the most exquisite palates. Undoubtedly, an excellent option even if you do not stay at the hotel, because they will enable the terrace to eat here

He breakfast buffet It is also served in this area in the morning. Juices, coffee, tea, cold cuts, fruits, salmon, eggs of all kinds, yogurts, milkshakes, hot dishes,…

... pastries, toast and I think we wouldn't stop. !! Unbeatable offer to start the day !! As a curiosity, the table was attended by a beautiful Andalusian who has come to look for work in Norway and who in other times does it in Mallorca. A big kiss if you read us!

An experience? There is still much much more!

The Thief universe: SPA, the terrace and the museum

In a separate building right in front of the main one, The Thief SPA introduces you to the world of treatments, massages and pool rooms, vapors and showers.

The main attraction, how could it be otherwise, is located around a hot water pool that also boasts the center of the Spa.

There are also plenty of sun loungers where you can relax and disconnect after a hard day of travel or even work

In the back, hammam, rhassoul and different saunas, offer multiple options for those who want something different.

Leaving up a shop with all kinds of creams and a private room for all kinds of treatments, on the lower floor we find the changing rooms, showers, a dressing table and a large gym for the most athletes.

We leave an oasis of peace in this "urban jungle" for the final part of this analysis. Is about The Thief hotel terrace.

Young and old with refined taste meet on this rooftop to enjoy a pleasant evening in a group, with friends or as a couple, enjoying some of the best cocktails that their "bartender" prepares with great mastery (and some juggling)

The music, as on occasion, in the food salons, is in charge of some of the best DJs of the moment, giving this area also its own environment within this great experience

In addition to complete personalized treatment also online, being able to check in advance, notice of needs or custom farewell, the room key also gives you access to theAstrup Fearnley museum, The Thief's clear commitment to the most avant-garde art.

When night falls on Oslo, that cube-shaped modernist building is completely transformed next to the converted Tjuvholmen neighborhood, with striking lights that stand out in the contemporary district.Check availability and prices here for The Thief hotel

Would we recommend it? We thought before starting this article on what pros and cons to put, and for the first time we can't think of something we really didn't like. If we are clear that The Thief concept is for a sophisticated and demanding public, with purchasing power, and that its price range according to season can range from € 300 / night to 500, 600 or 700 € / night according to suite, we would recommend it as a whole (Thank Jens and The Thief team for the collaboration and access to see the suite)

We are facing one of the best hotels we have ever stayed in and worthy of being on that list of We published recently. Of course, those who suffer from vertigo, refrain from looking out on the terrace of the room, haha.

Isaac and Paula, from The Thief Hotel in Oslo